User Experience

When I stumbled upon the term “UX” a few years ago, I was intrigued. After reading about it, I realized I had spent much of my adult life engaged in various aspects of user experience, particularly content strategy. In most of my part-time jobs from high school through graduate school, I managed information, whether it be filing systems, maintaining and creating databases, or working in music libraries. In all of these positions, I enjoyed finding ways to make information more easily and effectively accessible.

Being a librarian has allowed me to focus on this passion. I spend most of my time finding ways to improve user experience, services, and educational outcomes. Getting to know patrons and connecting them with the services and resources they need is one of my favorite aspects of my job. In addition to building meaningful relationships with our users, it shows me how they use the Music Library and identify what’s working or what could be improved. This allows us to adapt our services, marketing, instruction, and services to better reflect user needs.

Circulating iPods

Worked with the Aaron Copland School of Music and the Queens College Rosenthal Library to circulate iPods loaded with required listening for music majors to make studying easier for students.

E-Resources Survey, Queens College, CUNY, Music Library

Collaborated with the E-Resources Librarian to conduct an online survey of School of Music faculty and students on how they use e-resources within and outside of the Music Library.

Graph of selected e-resources highlighting the use of Oxford Music Online. Graph created by Kelly Blanchat.

Queens College Music Library Webpage

Wanting a more vibrant and user-friendly Music Library web experience, I mapped out and established the ontologies and taxonomies for the Music Library webpages. The pages were in use from 2008-2015 and updated regularly based on informal and formal user feedback.

Queens College Library Web Page

On a team of four, I collaborated in creating the conceptual design and ontologies and taxonomies for a new Queens College Library webpage.

Webmaster, North American British Music Studies Association

What happens when five musicologists create a new professional society and we need a web designer and master?

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